“Cannabis and Brutality” Japanese public org answers

On November 8th, in a TV program “News Caster” (TBS), Mr.Urakami said “Smoking cannabis causes brutality”.
He was once a narcotics agent and now work for “Absolutely No!” center (The Drug Abuse Prevention Center Foundation) as an instructor.

On November 11, Mr.Shirasaka,head of the THC Japan telephoned “Absolutely No!” center in order to confirm the evidence for “Cannabis causes brutality.”
This is the transcription.

Sumo: Russian wrestler expelled over marijuana

Sumo: Russian wrestler expelled over marijuana by Patrice Novotny TOKYO, Aug 21, 2008 (AFP) – Japan’s sumo authority on Thursday expelled a Russian wrestler caught with marijuana, an unprecedented punishment which activists said highlighted the rigidity of the country’s drug laws. It was the latest in a raft of scandals for the 2,000-year-old sport, whose image was tainted last year when a teenage apprentice died after violent abuse by his stable.


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THC Japan’s Proposal to UNODC

We (Japanese NGO) submit the following proposal to the 51st session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs as a formal request to conduct an objective review of Cannabis regulation by international treaties. Please examine the information presented to build an effective drug policy.

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Rights of the accused

We wish to thank “Nichibenren” for granting permission to quote the following excerpt from their web site at http://www.nichibenren.or.jp/en/activities/meetings/20030718.html “Japan’s procedure below the international standard.

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Consequences for Cannnabis Control LAW violations

In Japan, if arrested for any quantity of cannabis for possession, cultivation or traffic the suspect will be detained immediately and confined until the trial and sentencing hearing and for the duration of subsequent servitude.

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Cannabis Control Law

Under Code 109 of the Customs Act importation of cannabis is punishable by penal servitude of up to five years and or a fine of up to 30,000,000 Yen.

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Independent scientific studies conducted worldwide largely conclude that cannabis is not physically addictive in the medical sense, nor does it lead to harder drug use. Additionally, there are no documented cases of anyone dying as a result of a cannabis overdose. The studies also conclude that cannabis use does not lead to violent behavior. Unfortunately, the only significant criminal behavior associated with cannabis use is the act of possession, cultivation and or distribution of the substance itself.

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If you or your family or friends are arrested in Japan

In many cases an arrest comes suddenly and without apparent warning. It may be a knock on the door to find several police with a search warrant or you may be apprehended on the street. The shock to family members, co-workers, and friends is further aggravated due to public humiliation as a result of news coverage in the mass media.
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