OPEN THE STONE ~ From Kojiki

by Shigeru Aso

The ancient Shinto manuscript, KOJIKI, is the first book ever written in Japan. It describes the colorful world of animism, our belief system in Japan that there are spirits and gods in everything and anything in the land of the rising sun. We refer to this as YAOYOROZUNOKAMI, which lierally means 8 million gods, that we have praised and worshipped throughout history. This includes the god of cannabis, the god of wind, thunder, etc. We basically have gods and goddesses for everything, and that is embodied into the deep psyche and spirituality of the Japanese people and culture.

In this book, KOJIKI, there is a chapter called IWATOBIRAKI. This means the opening of the stone. In our mythology, AMATERASUOOMIKAMI, the sungodess hides behind a stone, and the world is covered in darkness and gloom. The other gods are freaked out by this, so they gather around the stone and they throw a big party to call the sungoddess back into the world to enlighten the land. In the end of this story, AMATERASUOOMIKAMI hears the noise of the party and gets curious as to what’s going on, and while she opens the stone and peaks through the cracks, a Japanese powerful giant pulls AMATERASUOOMIKAMI out from behind the stone. Then the land was full of sunshine once again.

For further details on KOJIKI, information on this story can be easily obtained online, or perhaps at any big city library.

As marijuana activists in Japan fight the unconstitutional Cannabis Control Act, we have used this metaphor time and time again, as a symbol of the Japanese cannabis liberation movement. The Japanese CCA was established by the General Head Quarters(GHQ) lead by Douglas McArther right after the war as an industrial solution to enrich the chemical fiber industry.

Japan has always been living with cannabis, and it was seen in our beautiful nature alongisde rice patties and in mountainous areas. At one point, during the war, our government encouraged to grow cannabis in order to make up for short supplies.

Now the fucking government burns millions and millions of cannabis plants that grow naturally throughout the land. This is nothing short of environmental terrorism, and destruction of natural resources and habitat. Besides, why burn perfectly fine weed, without inhaling it. I refer to this weed as Cannabis Japonica.

Our history is rich with Haiku’s and stories about cannabis. The emperror of Japan has a tight connection with weed as well. When the last emperror died, the government arranged for cannabis to be grown for one year in Shikoku prefecture in order to use in ceremonies for the heir apparent.

At any rate, as more and more of us declare civil disobedience to the Cannabis Control Act, we shall open the stone once again, and our land shall flourish with light and cannabis. Let’s get stoned!


  1. Tirikite Toker says:

    Thanks Shigeru for your inspirational writing.

    Many Japanese (especially older) people that I speak with about the history of hemp and cannabis in Japan deny it, or at best concede the history of hemp but deny smoking.

    You say “Our history is rich with Haiku’s and stories about cannabis.” It would be great if you could translate some of these stories for us and give references. When you can quote proper citations it is much more convincing and will help us to change the opinions of those who are brainwashed by the government propaganda of the last 65 years.

    Looking forward to the day when we can enjoy our herb freely in Japan and around the world.

    • Zano says:

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  2. Shigeru Aso says:

    Thank you very much for your comment. In hindsight, I believe I should have written in further detail. Perhaps the next article I write shall be about Shiki Masaoka, a Haiku poet who wrote many beautiful poems about cannabis. Our connection with cannabis is undeniable, historically world wide. Japan has bee cultivating this beautiful plant for 10000 years atleast.

  3. Aliko says:

    Thank you for your enthuasiasm and the beautiful site ! Looking forward to seeing and reading more !

  4. Oldrich Nos says:

    I have experienced variojs unsavoury societies throug my 77 years on the God foresaken word, which may entitle to give some advice.
    A Nation who lose thrir culture will pwerish.

    • guava says:

      so very true. it is really sad to see our japanese government allows our culture to be altered by the ignorance of the u.s government.

  5. Oldrich Nos says:

    I have experienced variojs unsavoury societies throug my 77 years on the God foresaken word, which may entitle to give some advice.
    A Nation who lose thrir culture will perish.

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