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Hello. We are a (Japanese NGO) citizen’s group which is pursuing a course of action to establish the right of cultivation and possession of cannabis for personal use in Japan. Our intent is to illustrate the negative impact of the current Japanese cannabis laws under the zero-tolerance policy mandated by prohibitive international treaties. We hope that collectively with other organizations worldwide that our actions will compel the international body to objectively review subject international treaties and revise the regulation of cannabis consistent with the facts presented during such a review.


  1. Hanspeter says:

    Hey guys, i am from germany , and i smoke very good weed =)!
    Its very bad what you guys are Diktated like this!
    Cool Side for real not bad ,;-p
    I was looking for Miasa , very interesting Asa No yakata.
    I will go to japan this year , to study some ZEN , and go into
    the mointans.
    Have you any tipp for me , how to find Wild Humb in the Nature?
    I mean realy WildMointan Humb.. i go camping for some time so i will try to find some :-) .
    If i find some i will sennd you a pic!:P
    THx for any help , or link e.t.c you coud give me
    great Grezz from Germany !!

  2. Hey guys, mi name is: Takahiko Benjamìn Itoi Araiza, i was born in Japan but im moved to mexico when i had 7 years old.
    In mexico everybody smoke marijuana every day, im smoke too, it’s the best of the world.
    I just want to say I support with this cause and im happy because in japan smoke marijuana too, in this december i will go to japan, ocha ni nomiikutameni.

  3. カシンスキ says:




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