“Cannabis and Brutality” Japanese public org answers

On November 8th, in a TV program “News Caster” (TBS), Mr.Urakami said “Smoking cannabis causes brutality”.
He was once a narcotics agent and now work for “Absolutely No!” center (The Drug Abuse Prevention Center Foundation) as an instructor.

On November 11, Mr.Shirasaka,head of the THC Japan telephoned “Absolutely No!” center in order to confirm the evidence for “Cannabis causes brutality.”
This is the transcription.


  1. kyoko says:

    what’s the hell!!

    I can’t say anything with suprise.

    But he show by himself everyone that
    “Imformation is unreliable”

    Isn’t it

  2. Unfortunately it looks like the video has been removed from Youtube. Hopefully this was a mistake and not an illegal act of suppression. I would love to see the video if you can fix it. It is really sad that a country with such a rich history of this plant has made Americas war on it there war on it. I hope soon they will realize that before they made it illegal suicide rates in Japan were much lower as well as crime in general.

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