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“Cannabis and Brutality” Japanese public org answers

On November 8th, in a TV program “News Caster” (TBS), Mr.Urakami said “Smoking cannabis causes brutality”.
He was once a narcotics agent and now work for “Absolutely No!” center (The Drug Abuse Prevention Center Foundation) as an instructor.

On November 11, Mr.Shirasaka,head of the THC Japan telephoned “Absolutely No!” center in order to confirm the evidence for “Cannabis causes brutality.”
This is the transcription.

Sumo: Russian wrestler expelled over marijuana

Sumo: Russian wrestler expelled over marijuana by Patrice Novotny TOKYO, Aug 21, 2008 (AFP) – Japan’s sumo authority on Thursday expelled a Russian wrestler caught with marijuana, an unprecedented punishment which activists said highlighted the rigidity of the country’s drug laws. It was the latest in a raft of scandals for the 2,000-year-old sport, whose image was tainted last year when a teenage apprentice died after violent abuse by his stable.


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