Advice from THC Japan
Attention All Travelers to JAPAN:

Marijuana Laws in JAPAN

It is not safe or wise to bring any pot, hashish or any other marijuana derivative products into Japan, including medical marijuana. It is simply not worth it. We feel strongly about this, as such consequences are dire in Japan. You will be arrested and prosecuted for sure, and you will be subject to a certain amount of JAILTIME and then face DEPORTATION.

The Japanese Airports are very strict by all means, and the customs agents are professionals at spotting travelers carrying cannabis. They have sniffing dogs regularly as well. The jails are clean yet very strict and the prolonged sentences are known as very hard time.

It is also not wise to engage in growing, cultivating and smoking marijuana in Japan, even if offered by a close friend. The police are very tenacious and unforgiving, and commonly when a dealer is busted, all the clients follow him straight to the nearest jail.

Thank you for your attention regarding this matter. We wish you the best of luck, and feel free to contact us at THC for updated Japanese cannabis laws and possible support when arrested.

THC (Working for the reform of Japanese cannabis laws)



  1. If there is anything I can do to help please ask!!

    • Shigeru Aso says:

      Please inform your friends about the truth of cannabis, especially if you have a chance to communicate with a Japanese non-smoker. Thank you for your help offer!

    • youta adachi says:

      hey man im kid from japan i used to live in fukushima and i live in usa now and im going back to japan after i finsh high school i would love to help

  2. ken b says:

    Any medical uses? I have arthritis and it helps greatly.

  3. Shigeru Aso says:

    SOrry, there is no medical cannabis allowed in Japan. SO FAR!

  4. Hello, I’m working on a documentary about legalization of marijuana in Japan and would like to request an interview with someone from your organization. Would that be possible?

  5. This is the story about Rick Simpson the Canadian who rediscovered the cancer healing effects of cannabis oil, as well as many other illness’. Please help me make this campaign viral so that this film can be completed. Japanese currency is excepted. Lot’s of free videos at the campaign, so drop by and take a visit.

    Thank you,
    Chris Harrigan


  6. Mr_Alex says:

    I was wondering when is Japan’s government going to relax the laws on Cannabis,those laws sounds very draconian

  7. Blindrewind says:

    Hullooo Japan!
    I live in South Africa. I make medicinal oil from outdoor indica – high in CBD. I have had a few success stories with all kinds of ailments here. I would like to know what the implications are for a Japanese citizen who recieves meds in the mail. Surely nobody is responsible for what they get in the mail – as long as they are not caught opening and keeping it?
    I would like to hear reports especially on the effects of medicinal marijuana on victims exposed to radiation- both environmental and chemo.

    • Shawn Miller says:

      Hi, I’m South African but live in Japan. I was diagnosed with skin cancer yesterday. It is impossible for me to receive cannabis oil treatment in Japan, so I want to return to SA and treat myself there. How can I contact you? arithon1414@gmail.com (please contact me)

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  11. youta adachi says:

    hey i would like to conatct you guys do u have email or facrbook page?

  12. Te shi says:

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

    I really hope someday people will know the truth about weed. I believe, especially since Japan is under so much pressure, that marijuana will help this nation become better. For many years, marijuana has been used in Japan for all kinds of things. I think it is a shame that the USA managed to tell those lies to the world.

    Here in Oranda many Japanese people visit to smoke our weed. I can also explain everything there is to know about weed. Ofcourse I hope you get a fun and pleasant experience. If any of you wish to try it, please feel free to contact me. I can take you to some good coffeeshops and to our marijuana museum, I speak a little bit Japanese, and I am always very eager to introduce you to nice places in the netherlands. Welcome to oranda, my japanese friends!

    • jam says:

      te shi do you have any ideas about shipping to japan? i am quite eager to make this work.

      • Cheryl Bostrom says:

        Smoking pot/weed is still completely illegal in Japan :-( Cannabis oil, for pain, etc., was just legalized as of November 2016. Still trying to figure out where to buy it. CBD Hemp oil is NOT the same thing (bought some from Healthy Tokyo and found out). Good for you, but does nothing for pain.

  13. Dan D says:

    You have my support! If theres anything I can do to help you guys just ask!

  14. jam says:

    reading about cannabis seeds and such, is it legal to posess seeds in japan

  15. Cheryl Bostrom says:

    CBD oil is now legal in Japan, as of November 2016. How can I go about importing it? I was told there were specific customs documents required, but can’t find info. online.

  16. Cheryl Bostrom says:

    CORRECTION! After searching, researching, looks like any CBD oil with THC is NOT allowed, only hemp CBD oil :-( I read this site, using an online translator to find out more clearly. Hemp oil doesn’t help with pain, no THC, no pain help.

  17. MSR Japan says:

    This company has Legal High Quality CBD oil available in Japan.
    They have been through the approval process with the government and Japan Customs.
    They can have the products delivered next day to your door by Kureneko https://www.cannabisoiljapan.com/shop/

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