Part 2 ‘Unconstitutional Laws’

by Sigeru Aso

From the year 1998 through the year 2000, Mr. Katsuragawa had actually maneuvered his way into obtaining the Japanese marijuana license. This was nearly unprecedented, it was almost impossible for openly active pot-smokers to obtain such licensing at the time. Mr. Katsuragawa had went to the appropriate department which issues licenses for growing cannabis, and was tenacious at doing so. He explained the positive properties of marijuana, presented documents and made his case. Ultimately, he was issued a license to grow hemp for seeds and pulp collection purposes. His marijuana license stated that he was going to make paper, even though he was openly suggesting for many Japanese people to smoke pot.

Mr. Katsuragawa got away with this for two years, openly smoking pot and providing for others. However, there was a governmental guidence at the end of these two years, requiring him to stop growing high THC hybrids, and change strains to ‘Tochigi Shiro’, a notorious Japanese hemp strain that contains very low THC. As the new season came, he decided to apply for a new license for recreational purposes, including smoking and eating pot.

He had high hopes in the new liberal governor. He was denied the license, but yet continued to grow, and kept on providing to patients and friends. His application did not even end up in the governor’s desk. His little compound was full of weed, and blended in with the nature surrounding his country-side home.

One day, Mr. Katsuragawa asked his disciple, Mr. Shirasaka, to post an article on his website alongside his proudly grown crop. The article was appropriately titled, ‘Let’s Smoke Pot and See Through the Deception of the Bureaucrats of this Country’, subtitled, ‘At this Point, Pot is the Only Way’. Mr. Shirasaka was extremely shocked by his master’s actions, but dicided this was a perfect opportunity to find out if our governmental system is at work for the best interest of the people.

Mr. Katsuragawa had been very upset with the outcome of his first marijuana case he was on trial for in the past, especially for not fighting back. Mr. Katsuragawa however, had already won a license to smoke pot legally (or at least grow it). He could have been just as happy without this kind of legal mess he put himself to. But that was not enough – he wanted to fight for the rights  of all Japanese people to smoke pot. This is why Mr. Katsuragawa did what he did, to cause himself to get arrested. He was just a little bit surprised how quickly it happenned.

One morning, about 20 cops surrounded his compound, rushed into his room, identified Mr. Katsuragawa, and several others who happenned to be there, and charged them all with criminal conspiracy. These were just temporary charges. Mr. Katsuragawa admitted to everything he had done, while concealing the identities of his patients. However, he was caught with a substantial amount of plants, among other drugs, and the aforementioned (in Part 1) famous Japanese writer had already been busted for receiving pot from Mr. Katsuragawa.

Mr. Katsuragawa was ultimately charged as follows:

Delivery of Marijuana with intent to sell – 20g Marijuana, 3 grams hashish.

Possession of Marijuana with intent to sell – 3.5 kilograms of Marijuana, 33 grams of hashish

Cultivating Marijuana with intent to sell – 98 plants

Possession of methamphetamine – 0.192 grams (after testing)

Possession of illicit drugs – 0.217 grams MDMA (after testing) and 1.13 grams of Magic Mushrooms

Delivery of Marijuana with intent to sell – 30 grams (to the writer)

Mr. Katsuragawa prepared to fight the ‘unconstitutional’ marijuana laws in Japan, and stated that he hoped he would be the last person to be persecuted for the possession and cultivation of cannabis. As for the drug charges, he decided to plea no contest. These drugs were simply left behind by friends who came by at one point or another. His fight was all about pot.


  1. ramm004 says:

    I hope everyone involved in the persecution of cannabis users, in Japan and around the world dies of alcohol and tobacco related ilnesses. Their kin too.

    Rats, police, judges, bureaucrats, politicians, customs and everyone I missed out. You are all going to hell for imposing on the lives of others.

    Redeem yourselves; understand the human condition. End drug control, or at the very least; decriminalize soft drugs.

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